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Video Commentaries

Videos of people talking about injuries, brain injury, and how they're affected.

Concussion experts push more education

The experts in Atlantic City are working to learn more about concussions, and help them better understand everything about them.

Protecting the Brain: The Damaging Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury

Although traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been in the spotlight recently as a result of athletes being found to have chronic traumatic encephalitis (CTE) from repetitive sports-related head injuries, TBI has long been a significant cause of injury and death

What is a concussion?

The most common type of traumatic brain injury is called "Concussion". The word comes from the Latin concutere, which means "to shake violently."

should you say tbi or abi?

The position of the Brain Injury Network is that acquired brain injury (ABI) includes traumatic brain injuries (TBI's), strokes, brain illness, and any other kind of brain injury acquired after birth. However, ABI does not include what are classified as degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's Disease. 


What's the best way to ask/offer help?

If you see a disabled person, would like to help, here are some "rules" you should self-enforce.  That's because you might think that what you're doing should be understood as what you'd like it to be, but always know that what's intended isn't always what's understood.  



His name is Cavin Balaster. In 2011, he survived a two-story fall, was comatose for twelve days, diagnosed with a diffuse axonal injury (DAI) and was given less than a 10% chance of recovery. Once awake, he suffered from severe brain fog, memory loss, breathing problems, double-vision, serious infections, and was ultimately unable to eat, walk, or talk for several months.


Brain Structure and Function

Have you ever wondered what's in your brain, and how it does what it does?  This is somewhat medical, but fascinating in what it says.